New Year’s Parenting Resolutions

This time of year, we parents reflect on everything we have — and all the ways we could do better by our kids. After all, who among us hasn’t vowed to lose our temper less and show our kids we love them more?
BabyCenter parents have told us that, among other resolutions for the new year, you’d like to:
* Not yell so much
* Stop using threats to keep your kindergartner or grade-schooler in line
* Be more loving — and find other ways to help your child feel good about himself
* Slow down and really listen to your child 
* Give each of your children the one-on-one time he deserves
* Find more family time
* Plan fun outings more often
* Read more with your child — whether he’s a beginning, intermediate, or advanced reader
* Watch less TV
* Make healthier meal
* Encourage your child’s relationship with grandparents
* Share your beliefs with your child and — if religion or spirituality is important to your family — make them part of your family life, traditions, and rituals
* Nurture yourself so that you can better nurture your child
~ By the ParentCenter editorial staff

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