Good to be back!

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Hi-hiyee, everyone  Yuletide greetings from Singapore ~

It’s been quite a while since I last updated my blog. How have you been? Good, I hope  Because… Santa Claus (= Father Christmas — this is more British) is coming to town ~~~ Ho! Ho! Ho!

This has been quite a hectic year for me and my family, in which we only spent 2+ months back in Taiwan. Beam Beam and I just got our visa ready yesterday (Thanks a million, Sayang Bum Bum!… For having risked your life to collect the documents in the crazy monsoon ~ *hug hug & muak muak* ). We’re going back to Taiwan on 13 January and will be staying there for six months. Now it feels funny — if I’m to stay in Taiwan for more than 30 days, I’ll have to apply for a visitor’s visa. But, for God’s sake, that’s where I’m from! You know what I mean?! Geez…

Talking about the issue of citizenship, I just read something interesting in The Straits Times last night. Do you know that the US is the only developed country that taxed its citizens while they live overseas — on top of what they pay in taxes to the countries they live in? More Americans living abroad have turned in their US passports and became an alien in their homeland (just like me… ) after Congress this year raised taxes for Americans living overseas, and many are considering returning to the US because of the higher taxes. Well, nothing’s ever easy for both of the Government and citizens, I suppose 

Yesterday, I just decided not to spend Xmas in Singapore any more… if possible. We’ve been having nutty monsoons recently. It rained so much that I had to suggest Boey to prepare a big basket — There might be mushrooms growing in the house because of the scary humidity  Mushrooms taste great with bacon and a bit of garlic, by the way… even better in chicken soup

Was hoping to get all my Xmas greetings posted in time this year, but I’m afraid I’ll have to say sorry to some of my dear friends for failing to do so. I was struck by a flu two weeks ago and have just yet recovered. Meanwhile, I’m still trying hard to finish packing up our house! Boey bought this flat in 2000 and we’ve never had anything like a "housewarming party". I sure do hope to have one before we depart.

Good to be back. There was some problem with our IBM laptop and Boey had to reformat the whole thing. I’ll find a way to input Chinese soon. 

Take care do and have a very happy New Year!


^..^ meow ~

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