You’ve Got Me Spellbound Over You!




You make my lovin’ heart go round and round
Wherever and whenever you’re around.
The noise around becomes a lovely sound.
Am I glad, awfully glad that it’s you that I’ve found.

I can’t believe the magic that you weave
Intoxicating schemes that you conceive
The wondrous tricks that you have up your sleeve
Am I glad, awfully glad you’ve got me spellbound.

It’s crazy but it seems I’ve lost my mind
And you are right at the core.
For when I take the elevator now
I sometimes get off on the wrong floor.

I have the wrong foot in another shoe
I sprinkle salt into my coffee, too
I’m in your spell, I’m so in love with you.
The lowdown is I’ve found a love that is true
You’ve got me spellbound over you.

You’ve got my spellbound over you.

You’ve got me spellbound over you!亲吻

~ Music & Words by Jose Mari Chan


My Supreme Darling Bum Bum Pooh Bear 亲吻

Here comes our  very 6th Anniversary… How time’s flown!

Well, our flight was on 10 July at first, but having seen Dad’s aging problem really worries me. The head injury caused by the cancer treatment actually have aged him quite noticeably. That was why I rescheduled our flight so as to take part in his birthday celebration (The date of birth on his ID is 16 June, but that’s according to Lunar Calendar; it falls on a different day every year, and it’ll be 29 July this year). I know you’ll understand for you have a very kind & gentle heart, don’t you? 吐舌

Anyway, we’ll be seeing each other, hugging each other, and kissing  each other (crazily! Keke ~) very soon. Remember, the distance between two hearts is simply a reminder of how strong & powerful the love is *blink blink* ~

This very cute song of the wonderful  Jose Mari Chan (You know, one of my all-time favourite ~) always brings me a reminiscent smile. I can still recall how I missed my turn in the post office while  reading the sweet SMS you’d just sent me, how we dared each other to speak English with a very strong Japanese accent to order at MacDonald., and how we played those very silly games just to make ourselves laugh……大笑

I won’t say yucky words like "My life isn’t complete without you", for you know we’re two rather independent individuals, and those yucky words would simply degrade our love (What a proud Maomee, haha!
吐舌) . I firmly believe in Erich Fromm’s — Love is union with somebody, or something, outside oneself, under the condition of retaining the separateness and integrity of one’s own self.

Bum Bum, thank you ever so much for allowing us to be and to love ourselves (and thank me for that as well, of course, keke ~). Thanks for the greatest love ever!

Very Happy 6th Anniversary 亲吻


Know Bum Bum always have a fetish about pretty girls. So here you are ~~~



2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Me Spellbound Over You!

  1. bum

     muak muak bunbun, happy 6th anniversary, hope you liked the card. Of cos its ok to change your flight date. hope your flight in will be good, n that everyone will be comfy. wherever bunbun is, bumbum\’s love follow, nite nite bunbun, sweet dreamz, hug hug.

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