Beam went to “Despicable Me” in town with fellow Summerhillians last night. I was happy to get the extra 3-hour Me Time.

At first, I was gonna write back to my dear friends. But suddenly, some reminiscent thoughts came up… Okay, I decided to follow my heart.

昨晚, 梅小獸和同學們到鎮上看電影, 因此多了三個小時的 Me Time. 原本打算寫信, 好些朋友的關心都拖了太久沒回復, 但打開電腦後, 突然腦海裏浮現了少年隊載歌載舞的畫面, 於是決定來個徹底的放鬆, 開始在 You Tube 挖寶.

Watching Matsuda Seiko’s concerts is such a treat. Some idols can only be idols and nothing else, but that’s definitely NOT the case for her and Nakamori Akina. The sheer confidence and charm, let alone the capability, they present on stage have really granted them the super stardom.

Matsuda Seiko ~ 這是松田聖子八四年 — 聖子的全盛時期 — 的演唱會, 也是我最鍾愛的演唱會之一. 有些偶像永遠只能當偶像, 但是如聖子和中森明菜就不同, 舉手投足都是巨星風範, 唱功也一流, 看她們的現場表演是標準的影音雙享受.

“Mi Amore” is one of Akina’s greatest hits and was rewarded the Grand Prize of Record Award in ’85. I love this song. Only Akina has the power to bring the song to life. I first watched the Record Award when I was just a primary school kid, and the scene of Akina’s mother going on stage and Akina’s tears have been deeply embedded in my mind. However, only now, after Dad’s gone, then I truly understand the kind of connection parents and their children have.

Nakamori Akina ~ 在 You Tube, 我通常都只是隨意瀏覽, 不過中森明菜這段八五年唱片大賞受賞, 是刻意蒐尋來的. 我一直很喜歡”ミ・アモ一レ”, 實在只有中森明菜唱得出那種風情 ~ 第一次聽到這首歌是八五年末的紅白歌和戰, 也是我頭一回見識到聖子和明菜的舞台魅力! 後來, 去租了那一屆的唱片大賞, 才知道這首歌得到了當年的金賞, 也就是這個片段. 明菜媽媽上台獻花的畫面, 令人動容, 這麼多年我也始終印象深刻; 但是, 直到現在爸爸走了, 我才真切感受到那種親情之間緊密又深刻的連繫. 昨夜, 除了跟著明菜一起掉淚, 再次重溫這份悸動, 心中有好多的感慨, 明菜當年剛滿廿歲而已, 已經有如此令父母引以為榮的成就, 我呢? 就要奔四了, 人生中有什麼能夠讓父母感到驕傲的事蹟?

I actually had mixed feelings while watching the clip last night. By the tender age of 20, Akina had been given one of the highest honours in the industry. What about me? I’m turning 40 very soon, yet, I’ve never achieved anything which can make my parents proud. Gotta work harder, Maomee!!

I stumbled upon “One Step Beyond” — one of my all-time favourite… Though I have to admit that I can’t really understand what they’re singing if I don’t read the lyrics — while searching for other numbers. It was 1985. I didn’t know the choreography director was the superb Micheal Peters, who did the smash hit “Thriller” and many other Micheal Jackson’s music videos. I couldn’t agree more with him! Shonentai indeed is one of a kind!!

Shonentai ~ 能夠找到這首歌, 是我始料未及的. “One Step Beyond” 是少年隊八五年來台灣參與義演 “愛心之夜” 的表演曲目之一, 我非常喜歡, 雖然必須承認 — 如果不看著歌詞, 我是完全聽不懂 — 現在才知道, 原來編舞老師是大名鼎鼎的 Micheal Peters (最有名的是 Micheal Jackson 的超重量金曲 “Thriller”) ^_^ 能夠得到大師的肯定, 少年隊真是好樣兒的!! Shonentai rules!!

The clip “Wangan Skier” was recorded around ’96, about 10 years on from “One Step Beyond”, and I didn’t know the song until last night. My “fetish” about Dick Lee and Singapore had diverted my attention away which started in ’91. The three of them had just turned 30 at that time and still in the prime. No. Even better! The dance, the singing… Everything! The maturity is simply irresistable ~ I’m glad that I’ve found a new all-time favourite ^_^

Shonentai ~ 演唱這首歌時, 是九六年左右, 三人進入卅歲大關了, 不過狀態仍然令人驚艷, 尤其是歌聲方面的進步最明顯, 已經蛻去了青澀, 散發著成熟的情感. 這之前, 我並沒有聽過這首歌, 因為九一年開始, 我迷戀的重心已經轉到 Dick Lee 和新加坡了. 很開心又多了一首最愛 ~ (注意看那些伴舞, 有些很可能是未來的大明星… 我第一次見到 SMAP 幫少年隊伴舞, 覺得很遜, 因為太稚嫩生澀了, 尤其是木村拓哉, 想不到日後紅滴不得了 ~)

Trying to get the old me back, slowly, happily…

開心 ~ 慢慢滴找回那個我…