Dear Friend 親愛的

Hi-hiyee my dear ^_^

お元気ですか? I’m awfully sorry for my long silence *bow bow* ~ Can’t believe how time’s flown!

Good gracious! I’m gonna miss you an awful lot for sure =( But of course, I’m also happy for you. Singapore’s fine but maybe nothing’s like “home”. I know I myself have become sort of weary of the constant encounters with the ungracious people (to be honest, they could be from anywhere, not just local Singaporeans. But the point is, if you  provide “the” environment, you can’t blame people for behaving that way… My personal opinion =P) there. The other thing is, I’m officially Singaporean (Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I converted my citizenship!), so seeing them trashing the country simply upsets me. And that’s why I quite enjoy the life here. People behave in such a civil way yet remain friendly and helpful.

Hey, about my new blog… I used to blog in Chinese primarily, but I’ve just started to write in both Chinese and English so as to keep in touch with the two main languages in my life. I’m thinking about taking CPE later on when I’m back in Singapore, so this is very good practice.

Well, you gals are probably the only thing I miss here. But then, life’s never perfect ~ I’ve been waiting around for years, and as you know, losing my dad really has had such a profound effect on me. So, I’m glad to have the “Me Time”.

Oh, You know something? I dreamt of HIGASHIYAMA NORIYUKI the other night! He’s like my “first love”, haha ~ I was so obsessed with him when I was Primary 5 or 6. After the dream, I started to look for Shonentai’s clips on You Tube. It brings back so much memory and the emotion is so intense that sometimes it makes me teary. No, not because he’s just married (Oh, bother!! =P). I think, for me, it’s more like a cathartic exercise to let out whatever I’ve been feeling since my dad’s passing. And I think I can tell you that Life does suffocate me from time to time.

Enough about me. So what have you been up to? ^_^ I remember you once mentioned the possibility of being a volunteer. Did you try it? You know? Before I came here, I thought of  that, too. However, I found to my dismay that the visa I’m holding doesn’t allow me to do anything — not studying, not working, not even volunteering…

Gotta go. Hope I didn’t bore you to tears =P Please take the best care of yourself and keep in touch, okay?


Ja   ^..^ miss you ~


親愛的, 收信平安 ^_^

很不好意思, 竟然隔了將近兩個月才回信 *用力鞠躬*~ 來到了英國, 忙著安頓, 然後得克服電話和網路的問題 (這是個很小的鎮, 收訊不是很理想 ~), 時間就這麼一滴滴一滴滴流逝了.

在此間一切都好, 很平靜. 其實六月份初次來 Leiston, 我能明顯感受到熊貓的轉變, 鄉間恬淡的氛圍讓他放鬆不少, 但是一旦回到倫敦, 馬上又現出原形. 我想, 除了新加坡社會那種 kiasu 的持續競爭狀態讓他 (和每個人!) 神經緊繃, 還有就是要歸功於我婆婆所給予的精神虐待 =P 不過, 我已經不想再多說多做什麼了, I have tried my best.

我覺得 Singapore is fine, 不過就公德心和文明行為而言, 老實說是不合格的, 而我已經開始對這樣的景況感到厭煩了 (To be fair, 當然不只新加坡本地人, 但我想指出的是, 如果新加坡人自己就提供了這樣的一個環境, 又怎麼能完全歸罪於那些老鼠屎外國人?) 我很同意你說的, 新加坡太小了, 而且政府算是把人民照顧得很好, 大家都像被寵壞的小孩, 除了很自我, 似乎也沒什麼思考能力 (或者說不願意思考? 反正期待政府會代勞?).

我們來英國之前的最後一個周末, 帶了祥去開迷你賽車, 我當場感慨好深. 開始前, 工作人員會對小朋友解說如何操作, 其實基本上就是煞車板和倒車桿兩樣而已. 也許是太興奮, 也許是小朋友 attention-span 原本就短, 大家還是馬上就撞成一堆. 那也沒關係, 從錯誤中學習嘛, 你知道我始終相信孩子的學習力超乎大人的想像… 但是我真的越看越心冷, 祥竟然是唯一一個除了注意自己車況, 也會注意其他車輛安全的孩子, 現場所聞所見, 真的令我為新加坡的未來擔憂!

Michael Schumacher in the making…

有一個女孩堪稱經典代表, 每當開始接近彎道, 就停止動作, 完全不嘗試改變操作方式, 只有加速器繼續踩著, 然後哭喪著臉 (一般小孩耍賴的表情), 很生氣不斷說著”我不要! 我不要!”… 接著, 當然就是撞牆. 每次都是如此, 每次媽媽都會來解救, 弓著身子拉車, 然後好言相勸: ”看! 很簡單啊!” 不過, 女孩很忙著生氣和抱怨, 所以媽媽就不斷忙著安撫, 兩人的作為都毫無建設性.

來之前, 我原本打算讀書, 想不到我的簽證不允許, 連 volunteer 都是違法的. 條條大路通羅馬, 就自修吧, 反正我這些年來一直都是這麼做, 希望有朝一日考過 CPE. 不過捏, 多虧了我的好記性, 竟然忘了帶 CPE 的課本, 所以我只有從日常的閱讀中修練功力了, 還好 Field End 書架滿滿的, 我抽了本 Bruce Fogle 的“Travels with Macy”來啃; 前幾天又買了 ”Psychologies”月刊, 真是大滿足! 還記得我跟你說那個心理學課程要求數學成績好的條件嗎? 哈哈 ~ 想想, 這世界真是有太多讓人不懂的事了 =P

其實滿遺憾臨走之前沒能來個 Girls’ Day Out. 十二月中, 夏山開始放假一個月, 我打算帶祥回台灣娘家 (已經開始列我的美食清單了, 絕對一個都不能放過!!), 也就是說, 再回到新加坡要等明年三月底. 到時候, 我們一定要出來大吃一頓, okay?

好了, 不吵你了. 我可能會把這封信的部分內容 blog 出來, 希望你不介意吧? 是不是可以說, 我這個人的確生活沒什麼太多料, 所以不但只有一窟, 連內容都跟實際生活同步? 哈哈 ~ 保重喔!


Ja   ^..^ miss you ~

Noo Noo, Shoe Shine, Paw Paw, and Cutie.


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