新朋友 Our New Friends

Beam was supposed to have her first sleep-in tonight, and I got thrilled about the hardly-found freedom. However, Pascale rang me up after lunch and reported some problems which we think might get her future boarding life at Summerhill hampered. Well, life’s like that, unpredictable.

Before the call, Boey asked me on MSN if I was worried. Hell no! It’s Beam Beam we’re talking about! When Pascale asked her about sleep-in with Fuchsia and Alice shortly after the term started, she responded promptly, “Nope.” Even though Boey had tried very hard to convince her, she simply wouldn’t budge. So! If she’s the one who asks for it, that would only mean she knows she’s ready.

This is what I love about Summerhill. I’ve been raising Beam by Summerhill philosophy as much as possible all these years, and I’m very happy with the outcome. It’s great to have a kid who knows how to “think”. Way to go, Beam!!

Here are some pictures of our “local” friends. The most unexpected are the spiders! Herbert explained that they always come with the humidity and cold weather. Well, no wonder we didn’t see any in June. The sight of the countless spiders and cobwebs really came as a shock for me who’s mortally afraid of the eight-legged creatures.

There was one GIANT spider hanging at one of our windows. Observant (or nosy, rather… haha ~ Curiosity kills a cat and I’m Maomee — “kitty” in Chinese — after all!! =P) as usual, I noticed that he would only show up at his HUGE cobweb at dusk while being away during the day. Could it be that he actually set up a few different cobwebs elsewhere and he’s hard-working enough to visit each and everyone of them during the day? You know, like a successful CEO would do! Intriguing, eh?

I have to tell you about the superb feline pals of ours, too. I didn’t know that Garfield DOES exist in the world! All the way, I thought the adorable cartoonish image was just fictional. Boy, was I wrong! Now then we realised that most of the English cats are from the Garfield family ~~ The face is usually flat, not as pointy or sharp as what we get to see in Singapore. And obviously very well-fed, everybody rolls around like a big, furry balloon. I love the touch of their fur, so velvety!

But the best part is that they are as friendly as can be which is very similar to their owners. When you meow at them, they always walk to you while they’re gently meowing back. Sometimes, we even engage in a spot of chat!

“Meowww ~”

“You’re so pretty!”

“Meowww ~ Purrrrrr”


What a life ^_^

昨天放學時, 原本跟帕絲卡說好了, 梅小獸今晚 sleep in, 不回家了; 帕絲卡很歡迎, 因為今晚是芙莎和愛麗絲兩姊妹長達一周 sleep in 的最後一夜. 在夏山, 孩子們最終都要成為寄宿生, 所以這 “第一夜” 就顯得至關重要; 畢竟, “第一次” 往往對於日後的經歷有著或多或少的影響.

人算不如天算. 剛過了中午, 帕絲卡來電, 第一: 兩姊妹的媽媽突然打電話說今天提前來帶她們回家, 跟祥很要好的芙莎自然失望極了, 但是帕絲卡擔心是不是兩姊妹住院的爸爸有什麼狀況, 所以並沒有幫芙莎傳達這個希望; 既然好朋友要回家, 祥大概會覺得孤單. 第二: 宿舍的中央暖爐故障, 技師要明天才能來修理, 表示今晚會很冷.

沒見到祥, 還不曉得她什麼反應, 不過我自己多少有點小小失望, 哈哈 ~ 差點到手的自由呵 ~~~

接到電話之前, 熊貓問我會擔心嗎? 我很坦白說不會啊, 梅小獸是個什麼樣的孩子啊?! 剛開學沒多久, 兩姊妹第一次 sleep in, 問了她要不要加入, 很有主見的梅小獸想都不想就一口回絕, 即便熊貓說破嘴. 現在是她自己做的決定, 表示她準備好了, 我只有開心, 並不會擔心. 幾天之前, 她甚至告訴我, 她在宿舍的床位角落有個蜘蛛網, 我說不怕 meh? 我最怕蜘蛛了… 她聳聳肩, 我就頭朝另一邊睡就好啦. 看她這樣連蜘蛛都不在乎, 我就知道她應該是沒問題了.

說到蜘蛛, 很意外這個時節竟然到處都是 (六月來的時候並沒有) 蜘蛛網, 聽說是跟著濕度出現的. 實在十分地令老娘花 (殘花?) 容失色…

Our CEO spider…

這隻蜘蛛是我在本地目前為止見過最大的 (希望沒有更大的…), 為甚麼叫 CEO? 因為牠每天一大早就從這個網上失蹤, 直到傍晚才會回來. 性好八卦的老娘, 有天終於忍不住跟熊貓分享觀察心得, 你說這家伙是不是在別的地方也有網? 所以每天都很 “咕喇” (閩南語 = 勤奮) 去巡視那些分店? 我從沒見過這個網捕到任何獵物, 而且牠體積這麼大, 對於食物的需求量應該也是遠超過其他小咖才對! ~~~ 太佩服自己了, 怎麼這麼聰明捏?! =P

除了蜘蛛, 我也從沒見過那麼多的 West Highland White Terriers, 果然英倫風情十足. 沒有機會拍照, 這是網上抓的 —

West Highland White Terrier – Mydream dog

還有不少是體積很大的狗狗, 讓人看了就想抱滿懷 ~~~ 不過, 相較之下, 本地的貓咪更加令人驚艷. 我從來不知道, 世上原來真的有 “加菲貓” 這樣長相的貓咪!! 本地貓咪的臉都很大, 扁扁, 不像我們在新加坡的貓咪臉部輪廓比較立體. 然後呢, 無論長短毛, 每一隻都圓嘟嘟的, 活像個毛乎乎的氣球滾來滾去. 最可愛的是, 跟大多數的洋人一樣, 很友善, 會跟人打招呼喔 ^_^

Meet Tiger — The old lady cat at Summerhill.
She was once part of some family, but abandoned…
Shiok!! 麥停 ~~~

這隻 Tiger 是住在夏山校門的老婆婆貓咪. 據說是被人帶到那兒遺棄的, 很令人心酸… 幸好來到夏山! 祥常常說: 我今天有碰到 Tiger, 然後我就摸摸她喔 ~

What a regal cat!!

這是住在 No.47 隔壁的單單, 很氣派的一隻貓咪! 我們十月初第一次住進來的早上, 他就來打招呼.

One eye or two, still as beautiful as can be!

每天, 單單會來我們廚房外面曬太陽. 雖然只有一隻眼睛, 並不損他的氣派 ^_^

They hit it off right away…
Do I get paid for the extra shoots? =P

單單住在 No.47 右邊, 無獨有偶, 左邊鄰居也有一隻獨眼貓咪, 不知道是不是約好的 =P

Meet Garfield on the way to school!!

某個早晨, 在上學途中, 我們遇見了 Garfield. 自從家裡開始養貓咪後, 我們只要看到貓咪, 都很習慣性 “喵 ~” 以示善意. Garfield 原本是在散步, 聽見我們後, 也馬上很有禮貌地 “喵 ~” 轉身走近我們. 停留了將近兩分鐘後, 便告別離去.

This is yet another friendly cat from Leiston ~
Mmeeooww ~~~


Don’t ever doubt it! Me DO exist!!


6 thoughts on “新朋友 Our New Friends

  1. 菠菜

    上个月某晚在家吃饭的时候,室友突然大声尖叫起来,我回头一看,天花板上趴着一只手掌那么大的蜘蛛~我当时都要昏过去了……最后决定下楼找一楼的怪叔叔上来解决~怪叔叔拿着扫把上来把蜘蛛赶走了~我觉得以中国人的思维应该会想办法把它弄死,澳洲人的思维是不管多么难弄 一定要把它放生。。。从此之后,怪叔叔见到我们就会问:你们家还有蜘蛛么~

    1. 好可怕 @_@… 話說熊貓當年在墨爾本讀書時, 也曾經在浴室跟你說的那種超大蜘蛛打照面, 結果是澳洲女室友 (後來的女朋友) 拿報紙給弄了出去… 我是當了娘後, 開始下不了手, 即便是我怕得要死的蜘蛛 ~ 我總是想, 一定很痛苦吧? 婦人之仁大概就這意思吧? 哈哈 ~ 對了, 不是姊姊說你, 人家見義勇為解救你們, 你還稱呼人家怪叔叔? 哈哈哈 ~

      1. 菠菜


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