梅小獸的萬聖節 Beam’s 1st “Complete” Halloween

Beam’s very first Halloween experience wasn’t complete; kids dressed up at school and that was it. http://maomee.172baby.com/posts/121875.html Hence the eager anticipation — Shortly after her Summerhillian life started, Beam had been talking about Halloween and even done her design way ahead.

The Cat King

The words “Trike or Trite” made me laugh. Simply reminded me how her teacher, Miss Yeo, at the primary school in Singapore once talked to us about Beam’s spelling problem. Miss Yeo was very sure that Beam would’ve scored much higher if she put more effort into it.

I had to be honest with her. I’ve never ever pushed her to study, nor will I ever, frankly. If a child is ready to learn, she’ll do it willingly without having to be forced. To me, character-building is the key to a balanced life, absolutely not the academic performance. How can I force my child to do something I myself don’t even believe in?

When we received the acceptance letter from Summerhill, Beam informed her classmates happily of the news, “I’m going to Summerhill. It’s in the UK. And you don’t have to go to lessons if you don’t want to.” Everyone was so envious, “How nice!! I wish I could go to a school like that, too!!”

I feel so sorry for the kids, to be truthful. They are only 7 and have lost their childhood. They just try hard to sit still and listen to what the teachers’ got to say. Excuse me, but that’s the lamest way of learning. Actually, you are not learning at all. You’re just a robot in the making. Mind you, robots don’t think.

I digress. Beam’d been lookingh forward to her very first COMPLETE Halloween. However, she left her crown and mask in the classroom which was locked that night. Moreover, Carmel, her teacher who’s in charge of the classroom key, wasn’t in sight then. Well, as usual, I left it to her — She had to take her own responsibility.

When I went to pick her up after the trick-or-treat session, she told me about what’d happened that night. She ran up to the school cafe for face paint by a senior girl, Ida. She and Fuchsia actually bought some face paint, but Fuchsia placed it in her locker and it was locked. Then, went down to the cafeteria asking the auntie cook for a clean garbage bag to put on.

Honestly, that was jolly good! Though Singapore seems to have an education system that is the envy of a lot of Asian countries, from what I’ve witnessed, most Singaporean students don’t care to think. Or rather, CAN’T think. Because, they’re too used to getting help from the parents and the maids. But… whose life is this??!!

Speaking of life, I just love Blogthings!! The tests they provide are not only fun but also, more often than not, the results accurately reflect your true personality and character. How cool is that?!

Simple, and cute.

You Are Goofy

You are a fun loving and carefree person. You can’t help but be a bit of a goofball.
You love to make people laugh, and your sense of humor is quite silly.

You enjoy Halloween each year, partially because it allows you to put your personality on display.
You have the craziest costume around, and you outdo yourself every year!


Frankly, I’m not crazy about cupcakes, particularly those very colourful ones. After having read the books by Dr James Chen, I’ve become more aware of what and how I eat. I’m obviously not a good cook (Just yet!), but as far as nutrition is concerned, nothing beats a homemade meal, because you know exactly what is going on in your kitchen. So! Judging on this basis, the cupcake with the simplest decoration appeals most to me as it might contain the least artificial ingredients.

Yuh, call me goofy =P I’d rather make fun of myself than teasing other people, and am quite good at it actually ^_^ For those egotists, I AM a goofball.

自從拜讀了陳俊旭醫師的大作,對於各種的加工食品戒心更深,雖然上館子還有打包比較省力,在能力範圍內,還是寧可自己動手,原料和烹飪過程都有保障。因此,其實對於這些 cupcakes 我都沒什麼興趣,但非選不可的話,就是這個吧,感覺很單純,應該添加物較少。

說我 goofy 也沒錯吧 ^_^ 我是那種寧可自嘲而不去牽連別人的傢伙,總覺得做人的原則就是要推己及人;對於很愛面子,非踩人來彰顯自己不可的,這不是 goofball 是甚麼?

I love furry cats

You Are Compassionate

You have deep and genuine feelings. You are a very caring person.
You’re the type not to make a fuss. You’re more likely to sit back and figure out how you can help.

You’re not looking for a lot of attention on Halloween. You’re just happy to put a smile on someone else’s face.
You believe that Halloween is mostly for kids, and you want to make it as special for them as possible.


As for this cupcake, I’d choose it for the design if just don’t think nutrition-wise. I miss Tigger and Meeloo, my furry kids in Singapore… So, I concluded that everyone has more than one side of personality. I’m not talking about hypocrites. More often than not, we respond to different people in different contexts differently. And I’m convinced that the fact whether I get on well with the person decides the impression they have of me.

In many ways, I’m a typical Libra. I really don’t like to make a fuss. I’ve grown to be more and more solution-oriented over the years. Anger does NOT solve problems at all. So why waste your precious time and energy like that? This is particularly crucial when you’re a parent, because children learn what they live. You need to watch out your every word and every move. Bum Bum Bastard, you hear me??!! >=(



我的確不喜歡 make a fuss,標準的天秤座,總覺得有話就好好說清楚嘛,憤怒的情緒又不能解決問題。某種程度而言,這也是我月亮處女的龜毛特質吧?要嘛,就試著把問題處理掉;如果不能或不願處理,閉嘴吧,別浪費生命。

Scary?! Appealing?

You Are Welcoming and Optimistic

You are free spirited and warm hearted. You expect the best in your life.
You find it easy to make friends. You count on people and want them to count on you in return.

You open your home and heart up to anyone. You’re always willing to help someone out in need.
You see the best in people, and all you can hope is that they’ll see the best in you too.


For the haunted house, I chose it for the warm light. I believe that you have to open your heart and eyes so as to receive more loving and witness wonders of life. I’ve been burnt and hurt before, but it’s not going to stop me from enjoying my life. After all, attitude decides, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to more interesting Blogthings tests ^_^


這讓我想起六月份來參觀夏山時,正好有一個家長同住在Field End,是美國駐莫斯科的女外交官。她說 “Beam Beam?” 好特別啊!~我們解釋,是 “Moonbeam” 的簡稱,我當時超級想用這個當梅小獸的正式名,可惜熊貓覺得聽起來就像個寵物的名字,所以只有當小名的分。她呵呵笑道,難怪你對夏山有興趣,多數是free-spirited 的人才會願意探討自由的真諦。不過聽說新加坡法制嚴明。。。?

換我呵呵笑了~我雖然 free-spirited,但是我很守法,真正的自由不是為所欲為。她肯定地點點頭,沒錯!Freedom is not license!



想到來英國前的某一天,我把很久沒看的工藤靜香八七年處女演唱會 DVD 挖出來,回味著年少充滿夢幻的日子~突然發覺,欸?為甚麼工藤靜香每次舞蹈組曲的片段都唱得特別好聽細緻?跟其他比較慢拍或者動作較不激烈的曲子相比,反差滿大的,難道是對嘴?!其實,這個問號在當年就曾經閃過腦海,可是我並沒有懷疑過。。。我很喜歡念媽媽太容易相信人,現在看來,我根本是半斤八兩。

我也的確喜歡幫人,不過在華人的社會,我總覺得這分寸要拿捏並非易事,對於不熟的人,你很難辨別究竟說的是客氣話還是當真,有些缺乏自信的人還會覺得 “你瞧不起我是嗎?” 唉~也或許是我該檢討自己。


梅小獸四歲半在香港第一次上幼稚園,正好錯過了萬聖節;五歲半在新加坡的幼稚園,才正式嘗鮮,不過不是很完整的經驗,因為小朋友們就是在校園裡變裝而已,並沒有 trick-or-treat( http://maomee.172baby.com/posts/121875.html)。隔年(去年)從台灣和美國度完假,她決定不再回去上學,我們對於節日又不是很在意(通常只是我們跟親友歡聚的藉口而已,呵呵~), 萬聖節無異從缺。


設計圖上的"Trike or Trite"讓我笑了很久。在新加坡的小學,老師有一回忍不住說,她的拼字很怪,有時竟然到令人匪夷所思的地步,如果不是這樣,她的學期平均會更高分,因為她的閱讀能力明明就是同年裡最高級的。我只有俯首招認,我根本沒管過(也沒打算管)這些事,學習是孩子自己的事,如果她覺得有用,她願意學,就會自動督促自己,我只負責在有疑問的時候出馬。



梅小獸後來倒是自己決定開始背生字,不過也都是臨時抱佛腳,仗著年輕記憶力好,趁著我們洗澡那十幾分鐘可以背好十個單字,有些還很長又生澀。熊貓沒我那麼放任,比較會緊張,看他那副德性,我也只好再招認,雖然梅小獸跟他的火爆個性不少相似處,可是考試臨時抱佛腳,完全是我當年的翻版 =P






造型包括了頭上的皇冠,臉上的面具,還有身上穿的 Puss-in-Boots 的 T-恤。最後,她決定不作籃子,因為:”I don’t really like candy anyway…真是非常實際的小獸 ~~~

不過,到了正式的那一夜,梅小獸才驚覺: “啊!我把皇冠和面具留在教室裡了!忘了拿出來。。。”


原本我建議可以到了學校找老師卡梅爾,因為教室鑰匙由她保管,但是屋漏偏逢連夜雨,當晚沒碰著她,只好另外想法子了 =/

不管啦,老娘我,把人送到學校就大功告成了,大頭蝦要自己負起責任才行 =P

刻不容緩,梅小獸先跑去學校 Cafe 請大姊姊幫忙畫臉 (另一隻大頭蝦芙莎把兩人合買的 face paint 鎖在置物櫃裡了, 人又姍姍來遲),然後,跟餐廳阿姨要了一個黑色垃圾袋, 角落剪個洞,套上身,就是她的萬聖節 trick-or-treat 處女 dress-up 了。這些當然都是之後我去學校接她時才知道的。

看了這個完全不在計畫中的造型,不禁莞爾,人算不如天算吶 ^_^ 不過,小小年紀,面對危機就能如此沉著,我這個為娘的是不是可以小小鬆口氣捏? =P

Can’t really tell who this is…
*roar* ~~~
The T-shirt is from the original design


小朋友們在南瓜皮上畫出自己設計的臉孔,然後由卡梅爾操刀,小朋友幫著清理。。。梅小獸說,南瓜子黏糊糊的很噁心!不過,向來慷慨大方的她,仍然不忘順便問卡梅爾:”吃過烤南瓜子嗎?很好吃喔!” 然後隔天就從我們抽屜裡挖了一小袋去分享。

梅小獸的作品是中間那個!! 果然最有邪惡的 fu fu ~~~
Beam’s pumpkin is in between Alice’s and Fuchsia’s
Can you feel the sinister atmosphere???!!!!

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