Had made yet another shopping excursion to Ipswich in hope of finding a feather &  down coat for Beam, but to no avail. So, I ended up buying two thermal undershirts, one thick hoodie for her and one pair of indoor shoes for myself. I didn’t want the shoes at first, but now I know how wrong I was. It still gets quite chilly in the room with the carpet on the floor and the socks on my feet.

Five more weeks to Xmas, but people have been into a Xmas shopping frenzy amid the harsh economic downturn. I have to admit that the merrily upbeat atmosphere did grow on me. So! I decided to buy a few little gifts for family and friends in Taiwan.

As a typical Libra, I do love giving away gifts, but the older I get, the more practical I become. And the launch of my 2nd career as a homemaker simply reinforced it =P I tend to choose something with no frills and handy for the person who receives it, such as the botanic soaps and toiletries from Ipswich. Moreover, they are all against animal testing — One of the causes I support.

I think I do come across as a stingy fella to those who don’t know me. Luckily, I don’t get too caught up by that. Worrying too much about what others think of you makes you dependent, allowing them to manipulate you.

And this is what I read in the newspaper the other day — “£1billion in gifts  at Christmas thrown out”… I can’t help but thinking that if each one of us can be more  mindful when it comes to spending, perhaps, the recession wouldn’t have had such a catasprophic impact today.

Well, never too late!! ^_*


昨天早晨上學途中,梅小獸說有點冷,因此臨時決定去一趟 Ipswich,希望可以買到娃娃版的羽絨衣。

短短兩個小時內,走訪了三家店,但不知道為甚麼,並沒有見到娃娃版的羽絨衣,最後還是在我的最愛 M&S 解決,買了兩件保暖內衣,一件比較厚的連帽上衣,外加一雙毛毛室內鞋給自己 — 上回只買了祥的,想說省點錢,不過最近真是冷,雖然有地毯又穿襪子,還是不夠暖。

She’s lost interest in Dora, but this is the only pair that’s NOT so girly at the shop.

I think she looks extra cute in the boots!

Luckily, she likes the stars.




















其實,對於所謂的紀念品,我向來持保留態度,除非正好見到某樣玩意兒自覺適合某個特定親友,才會買下。當年在辦公室,同事們出外遊玩都會帶些土特產之類回來,然後每個人都有一份,我是唯一一個從來不這麼做的 — 我有一個大抽屜,就是專門放這些同事們給的土特產,後來發現,我根本沒碰,所以隔一陣子就得丟掉,好可惜;後來都乾脆再分給別人,才不會浪費。