我的生活 My Life in Leiston

The skies had been murky ever since the big freeze arrived. But thank God! Our ever-so-lovely sun finally managed to drill through the thick clouds. The warming  golden rays simply brighten up the spirit.

A lot of friends are curious about my life here, just like Herbert, “Not going out? Don’t you ever get bored?”

With Beam spending eight hours at school five days a week, I’m supposed to be excessively free, theoretically. However, to be honest, I’ve never felt that way though I AM free from doing many of the house chores.

Every morning, I open my eyes by 7.20 (I normally lie in for another five to ten minutes, so as to wake up my whole body). Then, go downstairs for breakfast by 8. If Beam’s still hibernating, I bring something back for her after I’m done.

We set off for school by 9.15, which takes about 15 minutes. Meaning, the journeys to school alone literally takes at least one hour off in total  from my daily schedule, and this one hour does NOT include the time spent on running errands. And the whole day’s definitely gone if I have to go out of town.

I normally reach home between 10.30 and 11 am. Right after that, my study session begins. I’d been waiting around too long, and this is now my top priority when I have time for myself. Usually, it ends by 1+ in the afternoon.

More often than not, I can feel my stomach growling a little bit by then and it’s the perfect timing for yoga. Yoga invigorates my body and sharpens my mind, particularly under such harsh weather condition. Simply love it!!

So you see, my stomach has to bear with me until I complete the 40-minute yoga practice. I realised the average time I spend on a meal is around half an hour. Of course, it’s not the same when I’m eating with family or friends.

The slightly-late lunch is followed by working on my laptop, not necessarily logging on though. Besides reading all sorts of material saved in my hard disc, I write. I’m a very slow writer, whether it’s updating my blog or just writing back to family and friends. I do enjoy the process though. Tapping my fingers on the keyboard is kind of an outlet for me… Always.

By 5 pm when it’s turned dark, I set off for school again to pick up Beam. We try to get back home with dinner no later than 6 pm, because she loves “The Simpsons” on Channel 4, which is followed by my favourite “Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two” at 6.30.

Nothing special during 7 ~ 9pm, but I make sure we shower and get ready for bedtime by 9pm. Once in a while, Beam would like to watch some interesting shows — Such as the amazing autopsy of the giant squid — and I’d get her bathed before 8pm so as not to delay our bedtime (While I’m able to wake up in time every morning, this little fellow tends to switch into hibernation mode when the temperature drops, meaning longer sleeping time).

I don’t touch my laptop when Beam’s around unless necessary. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the work, and Beam wouldn’t get my full attention, either. Simply Bad.

This full schedule explains why I rarely go out. In addition to that, I’m watching out for our bank balance by staying in more. I don’t mind that, for I enjoy the long-waited solitude, and I’d like to put my priorities into perspectives.

To be frank, sometimes, I do feel trapped because my life basically STILL revolves around Beam. However, look on the bright side, not many parents (particularly mothers) get to enjoy the luxury of solitude like I do. Count my blessings!!

Moreover, I’m fully responsible for bringing her to this world. What can I say, eh?! =P


Field End basking in the sun
Still Field End

下面插一張大前天傍晚拍的。這陣子的天空始終都灰濛濛,即便沒有雨雪。當天上午,甚至下起了 sleet,就是固體的小雨滴。一陣陣持續到了下午,終於!天空開了。。。照片下方不是鬧鬼,是在下小妹敝人偶租倒影,因為是隔著窗戶拍的。多虧了赫伯把窗子擦得很乾淨 ^_^

Finally clearing up ~



早晨七點廿分左右起床(自從氣溫持續下探後,我會在床上賴個五到十分鐘左右,讓身體先徹底甦醒,這樣做可以降低中風機率喔!),刷牙洗臉,著裝,把暖爐上烘的衣物翻面,收拾已經風乾的餐具 — 赫伯會在我們出門後整理房間。


九點十五分出發去學校,十五分鐘左右的腳程;下雪那幾天,速度就慢點,大約廿分鐘。一來一往,等於每天最少花一個小時往返 Field End 和學校之間。

說"最少",因為那是完全不包含其他行程(但是很少發生),例如到郵局辦事,去圖書館借還書,超市補存糧和必需日用品等等。如果包含在內呢,短則十點半之前(這個比較常態),比較費時間的話就大約十一點才會抵達家門口。如果去 Ipswich,那整天就報銷了。




等這一切都辦妥當了,就開電腦,我碼文字特別慢,無論是寫文章(通常都要花兩天以上才能完成),還是寫信,而有時已經貼了的文章,又想到要修改;如果還想讀新聞和學習資料,就更沒機會吐多少字了。在電腦上的時間不超過兩個小時,而且不一定上網。其實我也喜歡去別的 blog 轉轉(我讀了未必都留言,有時是要多想想,有時是沒特別感想,換言之,我期許自己的文字是真誠的),能夠多看看別人是怎麼生活的,非常有趣,也能學到不少東西!但時間如此有限,這方面還真是得犧牲一下 =/


我們儘量在六點以前帶著晚餐回到家,因為她喜歡看"The Simpsons",然後六點半是我的"Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two",報導練舞花絮以及專業舞者的解說。一起邊看邊吃晚餐。前天夜裡破天荒九點半才回到家,因為奧斯卡的媽媽臨時邀請我們去家裡吃晚餐。奧斯卡住在 Sizewell 海灘旁邊,算是 Leiston 的外圍,只要見到了我們,都會很大方讓我們搭便車。

七點到九點之間,不一定做什麼,但就是不碰電腦,除非有必要,我不喜歡在孩子面前用電腦,一來無法專心,二來沒法兒陪孩子 — 梅小獸比較閒,我就必須清潔餐具,洗貼身衣褲和襪子 — 不過會在這之前洗好澎澎,換上睡衣。九點到九點半之間,就寢 — 我會在床上讀書給梅小獸聽;昨晚開始讀世界鯨魚海豚大全,好有趣,我都不曉得原來有一種比較小型的鯨魚,長得像獨角獸一樣有根長長的 tusk!

所以捏,很少出門,除了因為我的時間表排得挺滿,也是因為要省錢(真不辜負咱們小氣夫妻的名聲~),否則我這麼愛旅遊的傢伙,還不趁著大好的機會多看看周邊村鎮! ?

偶而會覺得,生活還是一樣繞著孩子打轉,有點受束縛,特別是寒氣逼人的夜裡(還得冒著風雪!)還得出門接她放學 @_@ 不過,再想想,多少媽媽(無論全職或必須外出工作)還沒我這麼好運,可以有這樣安排自己想做的事呢。又是誰讓我們當初這麼鬧出人命捏?還是乖乖負責任吧 =P

再分享兩張前天傍晚出門前的美景。可惜沒帶上相機,Sizewell 的星星多到嚇死人!就像是在黑色天鵝絨上灑滿了亮晶晶的碎鑽,太奢侈了~誰說我窮吶?!不過,我開始擔心,日後回到光害很嚴重的新加坡很可能會不適應。。。 =/

My fave shade of blue
God is surely the greatest artist!


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