向感冒開戰!Our Defence against The Flu

無意中才發現完成於十二月十二日(返台前一天)的這一篇,172Baby 有,這裡卻遺漏了,現在補上~~~

Our defence against the flu

“Germs are nothing by themselves, their environment is everything,” said Louis Pasteur.

Why? Because the environment – our immune system, and our antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defences – are generally much stronger than any virus or bacteria. Winter is the time to remember this essential message, which Pasteur, who discovered the existence of viruses and bacteria and then invented the first vaccine against them, apparently uttered on his deathbed.

During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, some people proved to be far more resistant to the virus than others. In his book on the subject, Thierry Souccar recounts the experiments carried out at the time. An American doctor, Milton Roseneau, deliberately infected more than 100 young US naval recruits with germs secreted from flu-infected patients, injecting secretions directly into their nostrils, throats and eyes. Ten days later, not one recruit showed any flu-related symptoms. Their defences had blocked the virus. Many recent studies confirm the importance of several factors that help to protect us against viral infections.

* Sleep: At least eight hours per night significantly reduces the risk of catching a cold after exposure to the virus (compared with people getting seven hours of sleep or less). Whenever possible, use your sleeping time as an antiviral defence. (Maomee’s Note: Exactly! Whenever I feel the flu bug crawling up on me, I just take a good rest, and it’s gone right next day! What’s more, try to go to bed before 10pm, no later than 11. Our liver works from 10pm to 2am. We need the full-on detoxification for our health.)

* Physical exercise: Moderate physical activity (30 minutes’ walking five days a week, for instance) stimulates the immune system and considerably increases our resistance to infection. (Maomee’s Note: Guess that’s why the three of us don’t get sick often. We walk almost everywhere and every time ~)

* Daily diet: Cut back on sugar and white flour, and reduce your overall fat intake. Use olive and rapeseed oil when possible, and increase your daily portions of fruit and vegetables. Eat garlic, onions and shallots – during World War I, French soldiers ate two or three raw garlic cloves a day as protection against flu. (Maomee’s Note: There’s a lot to learn about different kinds of oil. The key is the smoking point.)

You should also eat lots of broccoli, cabbage and mushrooms, which are used in Japanese hospitals to boost immune system. (Maomee’s Note: Luckily, Beam eats broccoli ~)

Drink three to six cups of green tea a day, preferably not at mealtimes (it can impair iron absorption). It contains EGCG, a catechin that works actively against cancer and is also a powerful anti-viral. A US study showed that it reduced the risk of catching flu by a third. (Maomee’s Note: Green tea is my favourite. But at night, I drink self-made wolfberry water instead as it and green tea neutralise each other’s nutrients. In addition to strengthen the immune system, wolfberry gives you a good night’s sleep.)

Use herbs and spices, such as oregano, thyme and turmeric, in your daily cooking – at least in one meal – for their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s encouraging to know that those things that strengthen our systems work indiscriminately against all sorts of illnesses we’d like to keep at bay, from flu to cancer. Pasteur’s intuition was one of genius: the environment our body offers is what counts.

~ By David Servan-Shreiber, [Psychologies Magazine], December 2010.


原本要開衣櫥拿充電器,卻被窗外的迷人景色分神!淡紅表示明天濕度要升高了 =(

Unbelievable sight, indescribable feeling ~

聖誕節的氣氛越來越濃,我們 Field End 也擺上迷你型的聖誕樹應景。想起過往,每年都是爸爸把聖誕樹拿出來細心組合好,再掛上呤呤琅琅光彩絢爛的吊飾。。。實在很感傷。

Xmas tree at Field End
I find the fake candles very cute ~

之前讀到萌萌感冒時,就想起了 Psychologies 雜誌裡的這篇文章,不過忙東忙西,草稿夾也有待整理,竟然今天才排上。也算是為這三個月生活畫下句點吧,周一晚間的航班回台灣,屆時會忙著跟媽媽到處趴趴走,大概沒什麼機會更新。

我們一直都滿少生病的,而來到 Leiston,雖然經歷頗為劇烈的氣候與環境變化,咱母女倆也都還沒有掛過病號,所以分享這篇文章,應該還有點說服力才是,呵呵~為了方便閱讀,我擇要翻譯如下,希望對大家有幫助。




少吃糖以及白麵粉,減低脂肪的總攝取量。儘量使用橄欖油和油菜籽油[貓咪註:用油學問大,關鍵在於冒煙點;不過書不在手邊,只有以後再分享。],多吃蔬果, 還有蒜頭、洋蔥及紅蔥頭。一次大戰期間,法國士兵每天吃兩到三瓣的生蒜頭來避免感冒。


每天喝三到六杯綠茶,避開用餐時間,因為會妨礙鐵質的吸收[貓咪註:我超愛綠茶~不過晚上改喝自己泡的枸杞水,因為兩者相沖,而枸杞除了增強免疫力,還有安眠作用。]。綠茶含有 EGCG,一種有效防癌並超強抗菌的兒茶素。一項美國的實驗證明,兒茶素能降低三分之一的感冒風險。



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