Sleepless in Leiston 萊斯頓夜未眠

Somehow, have been quite sleepless during the night ever since we returned to Leiston from Singapore. Don’t think it’s exactly Insomnia for I just keep waking up, meaning short deep-sleep span.

Perhaps, there’s too much going on in my head.

According to Louise L. Hay’s《Heal Your Body A-Z》, the causes of Insomnia are “Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Guilt.”… Well, quite true in my case though it’s not exactly Insomnia.

The best relationship is one long ongoing conversation. But what if the conversation’s never existed?  Open communication takes two, never one-sided. Or am I just too naive thinking in that way? I’m a hopeless idealist when it comes to love, I know. Yet even a hopeless idealist can be driven to despair.

The suggested new thought pattern for overcoming Insomnia is: “I lovingly release the day and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself.”  Very similar to what God says in the Bible. I believe that God has different plans for each of us, and even if it does seem difficult, it can only be a challenge filled to our capacity, not catastrophe, because we’re His beloved children. Sorry, Father, I know; I’m just tired.

Well, take it easy, mortal. “The point of power is in the present moment.” The good present makes a solid foundation for a good future (And even if you fail somehow, you’re still gonna fall with style, without getting trapped in a mudslide!). For the next two years, just get into your stride and take it easy.



從新加坡回來後,一直都睡不好,但又不是真的失眠到 Insomnia 的地步,很怪。

吃早餐的時候,還是挖出了 Louise L. Hay 的《Heal Your Body A-Z》來啃,裡面說道,Insomnia 的病因是 「恐懼、對於生命過程的不信任、罪惡感」。。。對照現狀,似乎是滴,我已經不知道這段關係還能走到哪兒了,努力奮鬥了十年,什麼都沒有,我終於累了。

書中建議的新思考模式是:「明天自有明天的章程,且讓我向今日告別,進入安眠。」這和 上帝說的「明日自有明日的憂慮」是同樣道理。我相信 上帝對每個生命都有獨特的安排,即便是橫逆,也絕對是我們所能承受的試煉,因為 上帝深愛祂的兒女。只是,我畢竟是個庸俗的凡人,總有沮喪的時刻。




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