活著 Staying alive

Good progress in my life last year, particularly the 2nd half of 2011, which really kept me busy.

Actually, it is what I’d been wanting to do for years and can even be traced back to when I was in Primary 5. A while ago, a friend talked about how people couldn’t wait to grow up and only to regret after they have entered adulthood. Well, not me. Don’t get me wrong. I had a happy childhood. It’s just that I love what I am now – I’m aware of my place in this seemingly chaotic world and when life doesn’t turn out the way I want, I’m capable of giving myself a much needed shot of happiness and faith. The only exception comes when the thought of Dad hits me hard, but I know Dad wouldn’t want me to wallow in the past instead of marching on for every brand new second.

I digress.

Anyway, being in a foreign town alone with Beam allows me much more freedom. I took up things such as Japanese, Turkish and Kurdish. Yes, I have a thing for language learning. Unfortunately, my Turkish and Kurdish lessons came to an end when the friends who taught me had to move back to London. Well, look on the bright side, I still have a clear idea of how the Turkish phonetic system works despite the fact that I’ve forgot most of the things they taught me. (I’m a hopeless optimist ~)

As the year end drew near, I started having more new thoughts such as increasing my exercise intensity apart from yoga in the morning. To be truthful, I did surprise myself by making yoga a habit as I all the way prefer things like samba and salsa. However, living in this small town without a car limits my mobility –  You need to go to bigger cities or towns for them. I would very much love to take up tennis, but I’ll need to travel to Aldeburgh… After much research and  consideration, I decided on power walking. After all, I’ve been walking all my life, from Taiwan to Singapore, from Singapore to Hong Kong, and now to England. I believe that even Beam has walked more than a lot of adults who live in a city.

The inaugural walk came on 19 March, 2012. I wasn’t sure of a lot of things, so I brought along a shopping bag in which there were a small bottle of water, the house keys, my mobile  phone and digital camera. But from the next day on, I’ve been walking with the house keys only and nothing else and I tell you – Being able to get away from all those burdens is such a pleasure.

The present route takes about 45 minutes to complete. I’m going to explore different routes later on and hope to progress towards jogging eventually. The only thing is that I’ve been having some minor knee problem since I was a teen. So, I won’t beat myself up if I really can’t make it. Power walking alone is good enough.

Stay alive!



這些突破,其實都是埋藏了很久的夢想、計畫,有的甚至可以回溯到國小高年級!前陣子,有朋友在臉書上說:小時候急著要當大人,長大以後,卻巴不得能返老還童。。。我有個快樂無憂的童年,卻從不做如是想,因為我喜歡現在的自己 — 面對紛亂擾攘的世界,我已經有了屬於自己的定見,琢磨出了自己的處世風格。偶爾還是有例外,就是想念爸爸的時候,但我知道爸爸也不會喜歡我沉湎於過往。


到了年底,開始有往動態發展的念頭。一直以來,我都有早晨起床先作卅到四十分鐘瑜珈的習慣,但我其實是個比較喜歡活蹦亂跳的傢伙,所以能夠把瑜珈變成生活習慣,也出乎自己的意料。瑜珈雖然好處多多,我還是想增加運動量:學 samba 和 salsa 嘛,這個鎮太小了,得到比較大的城市才有,我不開車,公車又是一小時一班,所以非常不方便;學網球嘛,也得到隔壁的 Aldeburgh 才行。。。考量許久,決定了,就健走吧!畢竟,從台灣開始,我就很習慣走路,一路走到新加坡、香港,再走來英國,我相信連梅小獸走過的橋,可能比很多城市人走過的路還多。



However grey the skies might be, you know the sun is always behind them. Be patient, and the light and warmth will always come out for sure.
These high-tension power cable towers are quite a sight!
Again, my favourite sight.
The intense colours make a great piece of art. In fact, the white clouds reminded me so much of fresh cream — my fave!! *nyum nyum nyum*~
This was what etched into my mind when we first visited England and I fell straight in love with it.
A beautiful tree on the roadside.
More beautiful trees keeping me company.
Simply love how artistically these branches grew.
I’m obsessed with sights of branches, crisp skies and sunshine.

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