不如意事十常八九 Missed, Again!

‘Believed to be at least 170 years old, Aldeburgh remains one of the only towns to keep the carnival tradition, and it stays as popular as ever. Previously known as Ye Old Marine Regatta, many generations have enjoyed the event. Festivities commence this year on Saturday, August 18……’

Couldn’t believe my eyes! I actually missed this annual carnival! True, I don’t have a television and nor do I buy newspapers on a regular basis. But! I always read the free local paper, Coastal Scene, which comes every Friday — usually right after it’s delivered. I’m one who cares for her community. Well, this time, I’ve been studying hard and didn’t touch it until this morning *sigh*~ Guess just not meant to be. I’ve always loved parades that are fun-filled, such as the ones in Disneylands. That Xmas in HK, I was screaming and shouting for joy with Mum, Dad and Beam, calling out Donald Duck’s name, ‘Donald, I love you!!!’ Think I did the same thing when we were in Tokyo two years prior to that at Halloween. It’s always sent me into a transport of delight — How lucky we are to be here right now, together with so many living souls from different places. Cherish life. Celebrate life.

Anyway, this is not the first time; I remember missing the salsa Weekend in Aldeburgh as well which really upset me for a couple of days, because salsa is one of the dance I’d like to learn before I mati (‘die’ in Malay). I don’t pay much attention to the advertisement section, that’s the problem. Well, just not meant to be yet =P

Some good news though. One of them being The British Larder, in Bromeswell near Woodbridge, has been chosen as Best Food Pub 2012 in the East Anglia region of The Great British Pub Awards. Congrats! I had lunch with Kim at this lovely pub once after our massage session with Susie (The best therapist I’ve ever had! http://www.facebook.com/HTTHRendlesham). They do serve high quality food with good value. Thanks a million to Susie’s recommendation. She’s not only the best therapist but also a good, good foodie ^_^ I hope The British Larder will go on to win the national title next month, when it could also be named Great British Pub of the Year!

One more — I’ve been thinking about visiting London with Beam for the musical, ‘Wicked’. There’s an advert for ‘4★ London Theatre Saturday Night Show’. Though my original plan is set for this summer holidays while this package will only be valid in October, November and December, I am excited. Don’t sweat small stuff. If our plan somehow can’t work, there’s always something else. Once you learn how to take it easy, life becomes  much easier indeed.


真不敢相信,我竟然又錯過了一個應該是很有趣的節慶!是滴,家裡沒有電視機,我們也沒有買報紙的習慣(除非被當天的標題吸引),但是每周五送到家門口的免費本地報【Coastal Scene】,我一定讀完,而且都是在當天 — 老娘雖不才,可是個關心自己家園的人。問題是,這一次,我忙著複習日文的介係詞,報紙就一直擺到今天早晨健走回來後才碰*扼腕*~

說「又」,因為不是第一次了。應該好幾個月前的事了吧,我也是錯過了同樣在 Aldeburgh 的 Salsa Weekend。理由:我向來不大注意廣告頁面。Salsa 是我「今世嗝兒屁前必學」的舞蹈之一(另一個是森巴)呀!*嘆*~後來知道,是幾星期後拿來包廚餘,偶然翻到,還是一整頁,真服了自己。以前常被媽媽罵「大眼睛!」,果然是實至名歸,誰人甲我比?!

言歸正傳。本月十八、十九兩天,是 Aldeburgh 最少一百七十年歷史的年度嘉年華。我向來對這類充滿了歡樂氣氛的遊行慶典興趣盎然;記得當年在香港,和爸爸媽媽小獸一起瘋狂尖叫著:「唐老鴨!我愛你!」(唐老鴨是爸爸的最愛)嗓子都啞了,可是好開心,那樣的時刻,總會帶給我深深的悸動,英文裡的 celebrate 定義是:to show that an event or occasion is important by doing something special or enjoyable,生命那麼可貴,不就該是如此認真慶祝的嗎?去香港的前兩年,萬聖節,我們一家三口去了東京迪士尼,從早到晚,我們一個遊行都不放過,總共有五個還六個吧?我也是這麼快樂地對唐老鴨尖叫著。轉眼已經那麼多年了,爸爸也不在了。

還是有好消息的。The British Larder  被評為今年 East Anglia 地區的年度最佳 pub!恭喜恭喜!*聚光燈+撒彩紙屑*~我和金曾經去吃過一次午飯,高品質食材、平民價位,氣氛也挺好。這都要感謝我們的按摩師蘇西,她不但技術超群(我遇過最棒的按摩師),也是個懂得享受美食的老饕,是她介紹 The British Larder給我們的。九月十三日,我們就能知道,The British Larder  會不會更上一層樓,贏得「全國最佳年度 pub」的榮譽。

另一則,是旅遊廣告「四星級倫敦周六夜劇場」。其實,我原先的計畫是趁暑假結束前進行,而這個套裝行程的出發日期,是十月到十二月的其中三個周六。沒關係,那就延期嘛,如果沒有別的主觀因素(例如,媽媽來英國,時間有限)讓人「不得不」,悠著點兒吧 — 我常常覺得,幸好小獸跟我都是這種隨緣的性格,所以縱使生命有時伸出不友善的手,我們都滿能自處,繼續開心地過下去。


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