My grandpa & me. Long, long time ago… 公公&高中時期的我



When Cousin Mao posted this picture on my Facebook wall, I was startled. Not that I’ve forgotten about its existence. I was just shocked to realise that I was once so slim with quite a pointed chin.

So why was I so self-conscious then? Seriously, I’d never thought I was attractive due to my being so ‘big’ even though I knew that physical beauty was only skin-deep.


After having become a mother, I’ve always felt like a polar bear. A lot of people reckon that I’m simply too self-critical. But, I am not. I do look like one and I’m very fond of this fascinating creature. Truthfully, I wasn’t bothered that much by my physical imperfections. My senses are the starting point when it comes to taking care of my body.




Lately, I’ve just had a beautiful epiphany.

These past few days, during my morning yoga session, looking down at my body, I suddenly thought to myself, ‘You’re actually quite cute… though obviously looks like a bean bag. But at least, even the cats approved of its divine quality by always napping on it. What’s more, you’re healthy and that’s the most important.’ Seriously, how small can you get if the ‘polar bear’ gene runs in your family?

It’s a happy epiphany. I really owe this to my body. All these years, I’d been picking on it, but it’d never occurred to me that whatever way it turns out it’s always my sole responsibility.

Thank you ever so much, My Dearest Body! !