Last night, I finally resumed my whole stretching workouts. Having come down (literally) with the flu two weeks ago, I’d been too worn-out, so I had to reduce it to just crunches and a couple of floor movements. Savouring every moment of the contraction and release of my muscles, I could feel my body was shouting for joy. The same goes for my badly missed yoga routine this morning.

It’d been ages since I last fell ill, so I’d forgot how horrible the physical torment can be. One day, I was even forced to take a nap in the afternoon. Mind you, in normal times, I don’t nap and can’t nap, because it just makes me dizzy. Rarely do I feel tired during the day anyway.

I’m just grateful that this happened when he’s visiting us here. Being the sole caregiver of Beam Beam’s ever since she was born, this is the thing that worries me the most — Who’s gonna take care of Beam Beam if I fall sick?

He happily recounted how he told Steve that he’s THE slave since I got sick.

Slave? Mm… I thought to myself: I still cook, still hoover, still do laundry, still clean the kitchen and bathroom every day… What he really took over from me is being Beam’s “chaperone”. Men do have a wacky sense of humour *eyes rolling*~

To be fair, men aren’t really helpful, but indeed, better than nothing. And I’m not taking it for granted.

I’m truly grateful. Thank you, God!

這兩個多星期以來,一直病懨懨的,臨睡前都沒有多餘精力作全套的放鬆運動,頂多就是 crunches 和幾項地板運動,每天早晨的瑜珈也是。昨晚開始,終於又能回復正常了,那種氣血通暢的感覺,我想是只有吃了人參果的孫悟空才能了解。

太久沒有生病,都忘了生病原來是這麼難過的一件事,有天甚至難過到被迫睡了午覺(我沒有睡午覺的習慣,因為只會讓我頭暈,而且我沒有在白天感到疲累的紀錄)。而其實,這是我最擔憂的,因為自從祥出生後,絕大部分的時間,都是我獨力擔負著照顧的責任;2010年9月搬來英國後,就更不用說。幸運的是,目前有熊貓在,真的是感謝讚美 主的恩典。雖然,我照常煮飯洗衣吸地清掃廚房浴室,起碼可以把接送祥的工作分派給熊貓。

只是,那天聽他喜孜孜轉述自己如何跟 Steve 提到因為我生病而得來的「奴隸」身份,令人不禁感嘆,男人的幽默感常常很古怪,原來這樣就夠格稱作奴隸,那我們這些真正做事的主婦。。。??


真的感謝 上帝,讓這一切發生在此時!