This was published on 30 September, 2005.

Frankly, I quite enjoy rereading my old posts on 172Baby which were based on my day-to-day life. Sometimes, you find traces of change because so much has happened throughout all these years. But sometimes, you’re more than happy to see that, all the heartbreaks have not killed your wacky chirpiness and your faith in life.

Here you go ~~

If you were a macho rooster (Haha ~), in what way would you like to be cooked?

A) Chinese-style chicken soup (clear soup, different from western style)

B) Deep fried

C) Braised









A) Chinese-style chicken soup:

To you, manipulation is simply unacceptable. You live by integrity. You are generally more mature than your actual age and believe your perseverance will pay off one day.

B) Deep fried:

You are smart enough to succeed through manipulation yet it weighs on your conscience.

C) Braised:

You are very good at it. To you, this is a dog-eat-dog world. Deep down, you feel that people are supposed to help each other and that’s how the society progresses.


I chose A), because I love good clear soup. And when it comes to soup, I think of Mafalda, one of my all-time favourite. Mafalda hates soup, but we share the same kind of passion toward a better world, a world with integrity and honesty.

Glad I never waver in my principle and faith.

My beloved Mafalda and the gang.

My beloved Mafalda and the gang.


1. 清炖煮汤

2. 香酥油炸

3. 红烧卤味


1. 「清炖煮汤」:【你一点都不爱利用人】。


2. 「香酥油炸」:【你爱利用人但又怕怕】。


3. 「红烧卤味」:【利用人是你的强项】。


~ 《东森新闻报》 2005 – 09 – 28


神准! 不过,修行啊?我那几个面首怎幺办 ni ?^..^ puzzled ~

PS. 才发现今天是我的农历生日。。。Growing older only means the spirit grows serene ~ ^..^ woohoo ~