Maisie 梅喜喜

A notification? A gift?

Sunday morning, I woke up to find this pair of socks lying at the hallway outside my bedroom. They are Beam’s, and were next to her bed. She doesn’t wear them any more. They serve as cushions, pillows and blankets for her animal friends.

This mysterious appearance baffled me completely as neither of us had spotted them before lights-out.

‘Maisie-sie?’ This was my first thought.

‘Maisie-sie? Meow ~ Maisie-sie?’ I called out her name. There was only silence.

Who else, right? She’s the only one who becomes so alive and kicking, which is utterly contrary to her life during the day, while both of Beam and me are dead asleep. I just never expected her to roam upstairs. She only zooms  upstairs when she’s panicking, like the time when I tried to offer her a cat toy. She was so offended by the fishing rod lookalike, and simply stormed off.

To be fair, Maisie’s not familiar with us yet, let along the toy, which she probably had never seen before. She’s been an outdoor cat who once lived on the balcony of my friend’s holiday home in Spain. The ex-owner of the house had three cats, and Maisie was one of them. She chose to live on the balcony because she didn’t like other cats. When the lady owner moved back to England, she took the two indoor cats with her, and left Maisie behind. Being big animal lovers, my friend and his wife, Chris and Helen, let her stay and fed her.

It seemed that Maisie was waiting for someone to come back for her, and never wondered off even when Chris and Helen, who only manage to visit the holiday home once every few months, were back in England. The next time they saw Maisie, she had turned so skinny because of starvation. So, they decided to take Maisie with them.

When they told me about their plan to take Maisie back here, I asked if Beam and I could have her. They have got a sweet dog called Pebbles, and a big tomcat called Fred. He was not sure if Fred and Maisie would get along anyway.

They got Maisie a Spanish pet passport so as to avoid the dreadful quarantine when she travels across borders. It’s very cool. She now can travel around in EU freely if she’d like to.

Maisie’s passport

But, I guess the long journey back to England and the completely different living environment have had a great impact on her, apart from the fact that we sort of forced the move on her though obviously if we didn’t do this, it was likely she would starve to death. Maisie has been all passive aggressive towards us so far.

Tigger was like that, too, when he first joined us with Meeloo in Singapore. Meeloo and us clicked on immediately (he napped on my thigh that very night!) while it took Tigger two weeks to finally allow Beam Beam to carry him in her arms. During that two weeks, I just left him alone and never pestered him. Every time I caught a glimpse of him, I greeted him with my trademark (Ha!) cheerful smile and “Hello Tiger-ger!” Now, this is what I do with Maisie as well, in the hope that she, like Tigger, will sooner or later accept us to be part of her life.

I digress.

So…… Why the socks?? Maybe she just forgot to put them away after finishing her night game?? And she was nowhere to be seen. She was usually under the radiator in the sitting room.

I didn’t dwell on it as I’m never good at solving crimes anyway. Besides, a homemaker’s work is never done. I moved on.

After a while, when I put away Beam’s clean clothes, I made an intriguing discovery — Maisie was sitting in between the mattress and the wall which the mattress was resting against. She looked calm.

Now, here’s my theory. As Chris and Helen were coming to pick up the cat pen they lent us that day, I cleaned the rug and gave her the new litter tray the night before. Perhaps, Maisie sensed that there was going to be some sort of change again, and decided to make her own decision this time. By dropping off the socks, which belong in Beam’s room, at the hallway, she was trying to notify us of her whereabouts, of her moving house!

Helen concluded that it could be a gift for us as well, because we feed her after all.

Whichever it is, the truth is that she has started communicating with us, which to me represents a ray of hope! And  Helen taught us a trick — Squinting is the way cats smile ^_^ So this is what we have been doing every time we talk to Maisie. We must be looking like Laurel and Hardy or Dumb and Dumber to her.

Before this sock incident, Beam and I always spent the first few minutes after lights-out listening intently to her movements downstairs, and wondering what she was up to actually. However, from Sunday night on, she began talking. Talking, not growling. I just wish she would eventually walk into my room and have a face-to-face conversation with us.

Maisie-sie, we are always here, waiting for you patiently ^_^

Gosh. How long must I put up with Dumb & Dumber?!










他們夫婦在西班牙買了一棟渡假別墅,梅喜喜是前任房主的貓咪,因為跟另外兩隻室內貓合不來,她選擇住在陽台上。前房主賣屋搬回英國的時候,不知道為甚麼,只帶了兩隻室內貓,把梅喜喜留在那兒了。克李斯和海倫都是愛護動物人士,見到梅喜喜,並沒有趕她走,就讓她繼續住,又天天餵她。問題是,他們每隔幾個月才會去一次,住上月餘,這之中,沒人知道梅喜喜是怎麼過的。原本以為梅喜喜會另外找歸宿,畢竟貓咪天性愛自由,沒想到她竟然一直等著他們回來,所以,再見到梅喜喜,她瘦成皮包骨。於是,決定帶她回英國;為了不讓她忍受隔離檢疫,克李斯特地幫她申請了寵物護照 — 有了寵物護照,就可以在歐盟區內自由遷徙,好酷!





海倫還教了一招,貓咪微笑就是瞇眼睛 ^_^ 所以,現在我和梅小獸都拼命瞇著眼睛,希望把滿滿的善意、愛意傳達給梅喜喜。可能,在她看來,不是像勞萊哈台,就是像阿呆阿瓜吧。


梅喜喜,我們會耐心等著你呦 ^_^