What’s meant to be…meant to be 命定

It's said that you can't look at Tom Hiddleston directly, otherwise *BOOM!* You get pregnant just like that...
It is advisable not to look at Tom Hiddleston directly… You’ve gotta know that he’s not obliged to marry the women he’d impregnated that way… 江湖盛傳,如果直視湯姆,馬上就受孕。。。跟韓國車勝元的「懷孕眼神」有得拼!

Read something interesting this morning, which reminded me of my childhood. It’s Tom, my IL (short for ‘Illegal Husband’) No.2.

Tom Hiddleston: ‘I used to have a double tape deck and I used to have my own radio show, as it were, and I’d be the weather girl, and I’d be guests. I’ve always done silly voices.’


I’m the youngest and my brothers are 9 and 8 years older respectively, so I played alone very often, particularly when I was in primary school. When my favourite TV travel programme began, I just sat next to the television with my double tape deck and started talking to the little recording mic. Or rather, ‘repeating’ (and recording) whatever the host was saying, as if that was my own show.

Once, Brother John decided to hold a concert in our bedroom. John gave himself the stage name ‘Taiwanese Rooster King’ who spoke Mandarin with some very thick Taiwanese Hokkien accent. He played the guitar and sang, while I was the host of course. Once in a while, I did the chorus. And the two of us had to play the very enthusiastic audience (a.k.a. the crazy fans) as well, clapping and cheering… That was one brilliant project!

Come to think of it, Beam did the similar thing during the age of 3 to 5. She would hide under the coffee table in the sitting room with my mobile phone, and started with ‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…’ Then she sang, from Disneyland’s Halloween theme song to The Backyardigans. Glad that I still have those files. Listening to them always brings a big smile to my face.

So!! You know what this means… Tom, we’re meant to be!! *muahahahahaaaaa*~~~ XD



BOOM!! Pregnant!! 受孕了嗎??!!
BOOM!! Pregnant!!


我的非法配偶第二號湯姆 Tom Hiddleston 在訪問中說了:「以前我有一個雙卡錄音機,



還有另一回,會彈吉他的二哥,突然心血來潮要開演唱會,所以我們就錄製了一場「台灣大土雞秀」,二哥操著台灣隔椅接受主持人 — 小妹在下敝人偶 — 的串場訪問,然後自彈自唱了好多首校園民歌;我們兄妹還負責罐頭掌聲和歡呼聲。。。想想真是空前絕後。

祥祥三到五歲期間,也常常幹這種事;總是拿著我的手機,一個人躲到茶几底下,開始主持歌唱節目:「各位先生,各位女士。。。」然後開唱,從迪士尼樂園萬聖節主題曲,一路唱到 The Backyardigans。現在,我的老手機裡,還存了好些她當時的錄音檔,彌足珍貴。



http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/hear-tom-hiddleston-reveal-amazing-2488018#.UnDOIn6WNW0.facebook 模仿MIss Piggy 和 Kermit the Frog

http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/tom-hiddleston-video-thor-star-2459746#.UnDMAdTpfUI.facebook 真的很有 MJ 的fufu。。。不過歌裡的「Ah~」真是讓人浮想連翩*花枝亂顫ing*~

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