I still believe 我依舊相信

Accidentally spent two hours on YouTube, watching Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and David Cameron. Quite interesting, particularly the comments — those words alone, mostly come with outrageous name-calling, certainly give you the impression that they are the worst arseholes since the Big Bang. But if you do watch the whole thing, trying to put aside the ‘inherent label’ you’ve given them for the moment, you might think otherwise. I know I do.

It seems a trendy thing to bitch about politics and politicians. We seem to be always blabbering as if we know best how to run a whole country. Throughout the years, I have encountered a lot of people who proudly regard politics with absolute disdain. I have no problem with that as that’s perfectly within their rights, but I am not at all pleased when my respect for their freedom  is not reciprocated, meaning my opposite point of view inevitably gets taunted as naive and even dumb by these people. (Oh, one ‘fun fact’ — I am usually the only one who votes in the elections. Isn’t voting one of the best ways to make yourself heard? Please enlighten me — You bitch, yet refuse to do something about it… — What on earth does that mean?) I agree that there are a lot of rotten politicians in the world. But, I never lose hope. Certainly, there are still lots of people working hard for the greater good, including politicians. Think about Uruguay’s former present Mr Jose Mujica, Singapore’s founding father the late Lee Kuan Yew and even ROC’s Mr Ma Ying-jeou.

Why am I so sure? Well, I come from a civil servant family. My father and brothers were all military professionals prior to their civil service careers (with two of them being the section chiefs). A few of my other relatives are civil servants as well, including my mother. Even I myself once worked for the municipal government before starting teaching.

Therefore, I have first-hand experience of serving and being served (while most of those who taunted me only have half the experience). I witnessed how difficult it could be to implement a well-meaning policy. First and foremost, you can never please everyone. Second, the rivals and their followers tend to distort the whole thing to suit their own purpose.

Of course, you can have your own opinion towards the person, be it Obama, Clinton or Cameron, as you’re entitled to it, for whatever reason. But, it always puzzles me seeing how some feel the need to deny someone’s everything just because they don’t like that person. Yes, ‘label’ first (No, I don’t like him / He’s not on my side), then ‘deny’ (so he can’t be good or right whatever he does). And because they feel the need to deny the person, they might resort to warped and even fabricated facts so as to justify their viewpoint, together with name-calling. This doesn’t just happen to politics. It can be anything — religion, sports and so on.

Some people just have to ‘win’ no matter what.How sad is that?

Well, glad I’m not one of them. Am still striving to be the change I really hope to see in the world ^_^


不小心在 YouTube 看了兩個小時的影片,主角有歐巴馬、柯林頓還有卡麥隆。平常都只是片段讀到有關他們的新聞,很少有機會像這樣看完整的談話、演講,也因此特別有意思,畢竟沒有媒體的斷章取義或不同解讀,自己的思慮比較不會受打擾。至於網友的評論部分,就更有趣了;說真的,如果沒有親自看這些影片,或是根本不認識這幾個人物,那些負面留言會給你一種錯覺:這三位想必是自宇宙大霹靂以來最糟糕的蠢蛋。

這幾年,似乎表現對政治、政客(或者單純執政者)的不屑與鄙視,成為了潮流;大夥兒夸夸其談,彷彿個個都是治國專家。我遇過不少人,一談到這個話題,立馬嗤之以鼻,彷彿這是在侮辱他們的蓋高尚。我對此沒有意見,因為那是各人的意見自由;但是,這些人往往對於我的相反意見沒有回報對等的尊重,這一點是我所厭惡的。當然,爛政客從沒少過,可世界之大,我依舊相信真的有從政者是為民服務的心態(例如烏拉圭剛卸任的總統 Jose Mujica,新加坡國父李光耀,還有中華民國的馬英九總統) — 這些人因而判定我就是無知膚淺加三級。不過,很耐人尋味的是,往往,我是唯一一個每次投票都不會缺席的,我無法理解!畢竟,選票不就是最好的發聲方法之一嗎?


其實,對於特定的人物的喜惡,都是正常的;但,如果把各人好惡轉換為標籤,一切依標籤為判定標準 — 我喜歡的、我同意的,無論什麼都是好都是對;這人我看不順眼,立場跟我不同,無論如何言之有物或者有實質建樹,我就是反到底 — 這,在我看來,跟恐怖分子的行事風格沒什麼兩樣。再說了,反,也罷,無論是什麼理由或動機,這依舊是你的意見自由;可怕的是,往往,很多人為了「贏」,不惜歪曲事實來「證明」自己是對的,或是為自己的主張合理化。


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