Children learn what they live 言教不如身教

This morning, finally remembered to pass the stamps to Paul. Almost everyone I know has been collecting stamps for the Big Headz.

Sugar, Momo, Chocholit, Lollipop, Sheepy, Blur Blur, and Marshmellow.
Sugar, Momo, Chocholit, Lollipop, Peach, Blur Blur, and Marshmallow.

Once it was done, Beam and I walked on towards school.

Beam made an observation, ‘You’re very good at collecting stamps.’

‘Oh? Haha ~ I like the way you put it. Tell it as it is. You know, some would definitely make comments like “Wow! You’re rich!”‘ (Note: One stamp for every £5 spent ^_^)

‘Really? ‘

‘Yuh. Remember some of the people we know? They’re somehow forever comparing themselves to others, forever assuming and using every opportunity to make a statement.’

‘Mm, true,’ looking thoughtful, Beam understood fully what I was saying for I’d been talking about everything with her, even my love life.

After our playful farewell routine (Me: ‘See you at Christmas!’ & Beam: *hissing as she walked into school ~*), I headed to Co-Op and couldn’t help beaming all the way. I was touched by the positivity in her words.

Language is not just a tool for communication and expression. Behind a language, there’s always a certain set of values and a specific culture (or cultures!). How you use it definitely reflects your world view and beliefs.

Therefore, I was delighted to see Beam focusing on telling it like it is, positively.

The other night, while I was cleaning the kitchen and getting ready for bedtime, suddenly, there came Beam’s crisp voice, ‘I think I accidentally killed the baby spider.’

I turned, and saw her standing there with an apologetic look on her face, frowning.

She was trying to move the spider, who was strolling on her laptop, to somewhere else, but somehow managed to squash it because the stack of paper bent unexpectedly and hit the wall.

‘Er…’ I was trying hard to be nurturing and looking for some words of wisdom for this unfortunate incident.

‘Oh well, at least he won’t have to worry about being murdered again,’ wise as Yoda, Beam found her conclusion before I had the chance to pretend being smart.

I laughed. This sounded too familiar, ‘Are you copying my “Look on the bright side” philosophy?’

Beam cracked up too, ‘Of course! I know too well this is exactly what you would say, right?’

‘Oh well…’ I couldn’t deny at all.

What can I say? Children do learn what they live!













~【故事的療癒力量】by 周志建






但是這位年輕的 Yoda 搶先了一步,一點機會也不給:「嗯,起碼,她都不用再擔心死亡這件事了。」

我笑了,太耳熟啦!「你這是在 copy 我的樂天哲學嗎?」(我的口頭禪之一就是「往好的方面看。。。」)



還能說什麼?言教不如身教。就這麼回事兒 ^_*

Lead by example.
Lead by example.

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