Life is Learning!





Ever since we came back to Singapore early last month, I’ve been feeling stressed-out. Luckily, before leaving England, I signed up for a few courses. They’ve begun one by one which serves as instant morale boost. Learning based on your own interest and motivation is sheer bliss!

Having said that, most of the courses are completely new to me; moreover, age plays a tricky part when it comes to remembering things, meaning I need to study harder. Therefore, I do feel insecure and inadequate from time to time



Two days ago, I needed to write a business report. I almost had an anxiety attack, because I was born and raised in a civil servant family, and I myself am a TEFL teacher — Nothing to do with business.


Apart from that, everyone has to review a random report by some certain classmate. My goodness… To think my ignorance would very soon be exposed @_@




But what can you do? Duh ~~~

Funny though, it wasn’t as tough as I expected. Just that… Why the reviewing seemed to have no end? They kept coming, one after another.




Turned to my baby girl who was immersed in her own digital drawings, I grumbled, ‘Odd. So how many more do I have to review?! Like, never ending!’

But I knew too well, you could only move on to the next step after you had completed this part.



Finally, I submitted the 19th review. And just at that very moment, I suddenly realised that there was another option ‘Next Step’… I would have seen it if I had scrolled down a little more.

搞了半天,其實一篇就夠了,只是我自己手指頭業障重,看到「Review Another Report」就激動地按下去了,完全沒想到是不是往下看看有無別的選項。

SO! All along, we only needed to do one review. ONE! But I was too anxious and worked-up to scroll down and check if there were any other options.



I had to laugh. Typical of May Oh Mee. Not exactly stupid, just slow… very slow sometimems.

不過,因為這個美歐咪行為,我才知道,原來我寫得算滿好的。總是這樣,缺什麼, 天父就即時送達。我真的頓時信心大增。

As a Christian, I firmly believe that ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Having done these reviews in fact made me aware of how well-written my report was, and this certainly had greatly improved my self-confidence. God’s provision never fails me.

真的很感謝 天父,總是如此信實地保守著我的腳步。我的 天父,就是如此又真又活的 神!

Thank you ever so much, my Heavenly Father, for being so faithful all the way. Always working behind the scenes on my behalf!

Not sometimes. ALWAYS ^_^

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